From Burger Blogger to Londons best burger restauranteur. 

When i started to research the premium burger (some say gourmet.. which is a little pretentious) scene in London, one blog came top of search every time. That of Burgerac – the London burger detective.

As one of the original (there are now MANY of them) burger nerds, Burgerac had (at the time i first came across him) dutifully cataloged over 90 burger experiences in prose which was Stephen Fry-esque in its elloquence. I probably read about 40 of them in one sitting. And then promptly went for a (substandard) burger.

I had to buy this guy a pint. Luckily he’d recently opened his own “pop-up” burger residency at newly created BurgerShack in London’s Marylebone area. I popped along to see him and hear his views on the London scene – and what it takes to make the perfect burger. We published this video on VIMEO here:

Where do London pop-up restaurants originate – @Burgerac gives his views from Lantmännen Unibake on Vimeo.

His insight was to become my base level of knowledge and empathy for the best burger chefs on the planet.

I’ll talk more about his awesome efforts at BurgerShack in a later post.


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