From Wacky Backy to Wagyu Wonders in Amsterdam

On the 9th April 2015, Amsterdam got its newest premium burger joint. And it’s backstory and signature Red Light Burger blew my mind. (No Amsterdam pun intended). 

When Tommie van Beest’s license renewal application was turned down, it seemed like 28 years of Coffeeshop patronage at Sheeba in Amsterdams Red Light district was coming to a close. 


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The local authority wanted to put a “Red carpet down the Red Light” district. And that included reducing the number of coffeeshops on the Warmoestraat street – a main artery into the citys district of sin. 

Then Tommie and wife Monique got an idea…

Renew the license – but apply as a premium burger restaurant. No mind that Tommie had never owned a quick-food joint (altho as a footnote, one business partner has dabbled), his vision of serving the areas best burger was set. And i get the impression that when Tommie gets an idea, and Monique doesn’t disapprove. He makes things happen. 

Cue almost a year of total gutting and rebuilding. Menu designing and staff recruiting. Brand creation and trial runs…

I visited them to see what all the fuss was about. And to try their signature Red Light District burger.

It was the best burger I had eaten in months. And a Top 5 of all time for me.

See more here: xxx

Visit BurgerFabriek here:


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