Time with one of the worlds best Baristas

After 15 years of working as and training future Pastry chefs, Søren Stiller Markussen walked into his favourite local cafe and asked for a job. He fancied a change of direction. He’d drunk plenty of coffee, and seen it poured in cafes around the world. But he’d never made one himself. 

He still recalls his first serve : “It was a disaster. My boss told me to scoop a heap of milk foam onto the top of the coffee, and add in the warm milk underneath.” Would he ever serve that again? “Erm… no!”

That was the beginning. Now, Søren is reiging champion and a 6 time national Barista champion and has represented the country multiple times at the World Championship. He was  placed top 5 in the world recently. 

He also owns one of the most celebrated coffee roasteries in the Nordic region – and is responsible for next weeks coffee at the World Cupping Championships in Sweden. After our time together, he was starting the roasting and packing. 

Great Coffee, hidden in a backyard in central Aarhus is a paradise for coffee fans. And beautiful to look at. So much thought has gone into the decor in the converted former chocolate factory that it’s worth a visit just for the interior design.

I interviewed Søren about his past and his thoughts behind “Great Coffee”. We also set him the task of pairing our MiniMania range with the perfect serve.

See the trailer here: https://vimeo.com/130726503

Visit the Great Coffee website here: http://www.greatcoffee.dk/



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