Lettuce is R:101, G:177, B:70

I’ve just spent a couple of fascinating days at the Burger King EMEA conference in Milan. A gathering of over 300 BK franchisees from across EMEA region and representing over 4000 restaurants.

The opportunity to get close to an organisation like BK, with its franchise setup, is an amazing lesson in business management.

The conference was run like their business. Slick, bright, energetic and always with a slight twist. An opening address from Brand President Jose Cìl had verve and cliche in just about the right amounts. Then they pulled out Ruud Gullit as a guest speaker – completely by surprise. Not sure what his brief was, but if it was “just talk about yourself and how good you are” he hit the back of the net. Off the crossbar.

I also fell over the huge library of BK brand guidelines and stole ideas with pride. They literally think of everything.

Did you know that lettuce should be R:101 G:177 B:70 in all materials?

Two days got me thinking.. How much would i need to open a franchise?….. 🙂


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