The best central London Coffee stops

There’s no longer any excuse for drinking bad coffee.

And there’s certainly no excuse for it in central London. Even the local bank has an automatic coffee machine that pours a better drip than most places did 10 years ago.

But when you’re tired of the Starcostanero identikit experience, where do you go to feel like your Barista really wants to please and show their craft?

I wanted to find my favourite places in central London (also known as the “West End”) to get my Cortado if I had more than a couple of minutes to go out of my way – and have it poured by someone who didn’t want to scribble my name on their branded cup.

So I attacked the scene in one go. Over two days. Two highly caffeined days. Ten places. Ten Cortados. One hell of a come down by the morning of day three. One week of abstinence to reset the system after! Whittled down to 5 of my favourite.

None of these are really based on the actual coffee taste. They’re all pretty similar. All awesome. These are based on my experience of the visit. So really, the best places in London to drink coffee. Not the best coffee.

My Top 5 London Coffee Fixes

  1. The Attendant – it’s based in a renovated underground public toilet. In the middle of Fitzrovia. And they have a great selection of cakes. The A-board outside is normally a decent laugh too. I like touches like that.
  2. Look Mum No Hands!  – the name alone makes it stand out. The coffee is outstanding. And I always love a cafe/cycling shop combo. It always ends up being more expensive than the 3 quid coffee though.
  3. Kaffeine – (photo featured) either of them. Aussie/Kiwi owned place which lays claim to being the first to offer the Flat White to the UK shores apparently. It’s a decent mix of hipster and tourist. Not too many of either.
  4. Notes – now this is proper “down town”. Right behind the National Gallery. And with a Caffe Nero and Starbucks close by, it’s not too touristy. Go here if you’ve got time to sit down and eat. Minor celebs from St Martins hotel are likely to be spotted too.
  5. Rapha CC Cafe – cycling on the big screens, awesome Rapha clothing, great coffee and cakes. And all within a 2 minute walk to the mentalness of Piccadilly Circus. An oasis of serenity which is badly needed when in these parts.

Once i figure out how to put in a Google Map link, it’ll go here! But here’s a link anyway.

The map features a load more – as I mentioned previously, I checked out ten places in all. The five above made my top list.

If you have any to add, please comment below.


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