Why 2017 needs a good Fika

2017 – the year that all the shit that happened in 2016 actually happens.
From Trump to Brexit, the feared proverbial is all going to hit the fan.

Only one thing can save us. And that’s a damn good Fika. And a good Fika every day too.

Fika is the Swedish religion/practise of taking  a scheduled pause at least twice a day, moving away from your place of work (desk, vehicle, vein of coal) and concentrating on not concentrating. Usually accompanied by a hot drink (or something which alerts your senses) and something carby to eat. For the carbophiles, you can have a protein bar if you so desire.

You can Fika alone – but it’s better with someone else. Safety in numbers.

So WHY can Fika save us from the horrors of our 2017 Twilight-zone-like existence?

Because, by obeying the Rules of Fika you’ll automatically tune out of all the things that are itching away at your conscience and sub-concience.

You’ll reconnect with yourself and the people around you and will all clear your heads for just long enough to pretend that there isn’t (* delete as applicable) a reality tv star as your President / your country isn’t divorcing Europe on the basis of a misunderstood question & answer session / the new MacBook Pro icon bar isn’t pointless.

Just promise each other before hand that those things are not discussed during Fika. Maybe I need to add another Rule of Fika.

Because for those 15 minutes between 10.00-10.15 and 15.00-15.15 the only thing that will exist in your world will be a cup of Lady Grey** and a cinnamon bun. And those two things alone, on a scheduled calendar entry, WILL save your 2017. Trust me.

** I put in Lady Grey for dramatic effect. It tastes like soap but my wife loves it. Just go for Yorkshire Tea if you’re in any doubt. That’ll kick you back into a time before things went all Hygge. There’s nothing Hygge about a cup of Yorkie.


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