7 rules to having a good Fika at work

Forget the plentiful fruit baskets, the onsite Barista and even the flexible working hours.
If you want to have the happiest, most connected staff, make sure you let them Fika every day. In fact, schedule it into their calendar. Make it a must-attend session.

To get you started, I’ve put together 7 essential rules for creating the best possible Office Fika.

The 7 Golden Rules of Office Fika

  1. Being asked to Fika, or asking someone to Fika is perfectly acceptable office behaviour
  2. Fika can be at a pre-arranged time, or be called unannounced. It should occur at least once per day.
  3. There must always be at least one type of hot drink and one type of sweet pastry involved in every Fika session. A selection of both is even better.
  4. Anyone can join your Fika unannounced as long as they stick to the rules of play.
  5. A good Fika should last at least 10 minutes. Not including warming up the scenario (the kettle, don’t get smutty).
  6. There is no time limit to a good Fika session. You will know when it’s over. It gets awkward.
  7. Usage of laptops or mobile phones is not allowed whilst you are Fika-ing. Anyone found sneaking a peek should be reprimanded immediately, or asked to leave the Fika session.

If I’ve missed anything – please let me know in the comments below!

Let’s Fika!




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