4 hot new food concepts to watch in London

London – the place to look for what’s happening in the out of home eating sphere. If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere. Or is that somewhere else? No matter.
If you want to be “in the know”, these are the places you need to have checked out in 2017. (And no, there’s not a burger amongst them. That’s a whole other post coming soon):

Breddos Tacos (Clerkenwell)

They started (like all good bands) in a car park in Hackney – with a food truck. This is their first “bricks and mortar”. Its Cali-Mexican…. all day. Mix and match. Watch them grow.

BubbleWrap (Chinatown)

Click. Refocus. Click. Oh, and eat. This is London’s most SoMe friendly eatery of 2017. It was a pop-up. It’s now got a permanent base – but they “close the queue at 8.30pm”. Confident! Waffle wraps with everything. Not just sweet either. Avocado Egg anyone?
It’s going to grow into shopping malls soon, surely?

Honi Poke (Dean Street London)

Poke shops. Google it. It’s what Moana and Maui would’ve eaten if they’d not had to sing so much. Poke is a Hawaiian dish based on raw fish. It’s packed with protein (kerching on the trend scale). And colourful as a cartoon. Kerching again. Instagrammable food (see above) And something different from the – yaaaaaawn – sushi choices. (disclaimer: sushi bores me)

Watch them open up in the trending locations soon. And hear your daughters’ student friends rave about it later in the year.

Mowgli Street Food (Liverpool, Manchester)

Okay. I know it’s not in London. But i bloody love Mowgli. Its contemporary Indian cuisine in an informal eclectic setting. Bang on trend. And amazing. And booked out every night. Even though they don’t officially take bookings. Okay, that’s only Bold Street in Liverpool where i know them best. But it’s always rammed.

They’ll be hitting London soon though. Trust me. They have the team to take on the capital. But Liverpool will always be best. Is always is 😉

Snaps & Rye (Goldborne Road)

The Nordic cuisine isn’t going anywhere (see my other post about that here). And neither is Snaps & Rye (i hope). It’s good Danish at it’s most simplistic and tasty (and trust me, despite Noma and Henne Kirkeby Kro, Denmark is still pretty simple in its choice of staples. Although its way better than 10 years ago when i arrived).

Any place that has Skyr on their breakfast menu is worth a stop. And Snaps & Rye is just a little different from the rest. In a subtle Danish way.

So, that’s my choice. It’s not so exhaustive that you can’t check them out in a long weekend. Leave a comment below if you think i’m a complete buffoon. Velbekomme.


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